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Lempäälä health spa

est. 1926

Lempäälä Health Spa has been run by the same family since it's start in 1926.

Vicar, Ph.D. Juho Uoti (1862-1920) healed his own diseases and health problems with old natural methods and got interested in the methods by Johann Schroth, Vincent Priessnitz, Sebastian Kneipp and Louis Kuhne.To study more these subjects he travelled to Europe. Soon after his return he published in 1912 "A Handbook of Healing with Natural methods".

This book made Juho Uoti famous; he quitted his job as a vicar and worked succesfully as a natural therapist. He also worked as a teacher of the "Uoti-balneotherapy".

His wife, teacher Augusta Uoti (born Laurila, 1863-1936) joined her husband's efforts in this field and later in the twenties she founded several health spas in Finland, latest the Lempäälä Health Spa in 1926.

Their second eldest son Kauko Uoti (1898-1979) studied both medicine and naturotherapy in Germany and Austria and completed his studies in "The American School of Naturopathy" in New York in 1929-1933.

Kauko Uoti practiced his wide knowledge in natural methods of healing in Lempäälä over 50 years and run the Health Spa together with his wife Sirkka (born Kavander, 1919-1981).

Since 1981 their daughter Kirsti Uoti, MD, specialist in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation has been leading the Health Spa. Her purpose is to maintain this old natural method of healing as original as possible and give the visitors of the 21st century the opportunity to be treated in an oldfashioned, traditional way.

The spa is beautifully located at a lake right in the center of the town Lempäälä. In the summertime it is possible to travel by the "Silverline" motorships from Lempäälä to Tampere or to Hämeenlinna.

In the summer the Health Spa is organizing "The Sound of Lempäälä Festival". Durind the festival there will be master courses for several instruments and the musicians will give about 20 classical concerts all around Lempäälä. Sound of Lempäälä

The Uoti balneotherapy is based on water treatments with changing temperatures. There are baths with changing temperatures for legs, head or torso, massage with a linen towel, steam sauna, cold linen wrappings etc. These all influence your circulation, nervous system and the metabolism.